TamJai 譚仔雲南米線 | Nexsoft Technology Ltd.



Being one of the leading local chain restaurant brand in Hong Kong, Tam Jai has over 50 outlets in HK. We have developed an table reserving app for them which was further enhanced with stamping and coupon redemption system. Key features includes:

  • Remote Queueing - Get your ticket before arriving to save up the waiting time
  • Redemptions - Showing all the redeemable items
  • Membership information - Manage, check the stamps and redemption records
  • Nearby Stores - Returns a list of nearby stores with a sort of distance by location based service (LBS)
  • QR code scanning - Using QR code scanner to keep the payment records
  • Social Media Integration - Facebook login
  • CRM integration
Project Details
Client: Jointed-Heart Ltd.
Public Date: Jan 2015